Week 7 MKMMA – Angst & Audicity

I’ve said it before in my previous blogs:  All I want is to focus on MKMMA all day!  I really see the changes that have occurred in these last few weeks.  Even more importantly, I have felt the changes. So believe me when I say it is killing me that I haven’t been able to keep with the routine I have been establishing to change my blueprint!!!!!

Like a schoolgirl, I carry my workbook and Og (with my functional bookmarks) with me everywhere I go hoping to steal, even a moment, where I can escape and envelop myself in my MKMMA cocoon.  Aaaaaah!  Cocoon take me away!!!
But that has happened for me this week.

I felt even more angst today as we were selecting music for our first big training event being held this Saturday.  This has been the most fun of well, launching our pre-launch.  “It’s Getting Started,” “You Can Do Magic,” “Today’s Gonna Be A Good Day,”  “Happy,” “Flawless,” “Shake It Off”  “Theme from Rocky” etc.  . . .  you get the picture.  So while I did get to hear some tunes that I may be able to work in with my DMP, that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

But at least I’ve completed my blog.  And no matter what setbacks I have encountered or how challenging it has been to get to much of my MKMMA this week, I remain committed to DO IT NOW.  I can be who I will to be. Believe.

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