All Roads Lead to Blown

Last week’s lesson impacted me so much I started crying during the middle of the Master Keys webcast while several people were sitting, watching the webinar with us.  Many thoughts came to my mind and I was just overwhelmed with joy and emotion and a huge “Thank you, God!”

And my mind is still blown.  I have listened to parts of the webcast over again.  I have read each week’s Master Key notes over again.  I am in love with this program.  It is in sync with all my spiritual and religious beliefs and is what I innately have always suspected.  Hallelujah!  What a relief and what joy!  It’s not just that we have control over the way we think, but the realization that this IS the POWER and the GIFT we all have!  Once we understand it and put it to use – just the control that is available to change our thoughts and subsequently our lives!  KABOOM!

My parents ALWAYS taught me that I could be anything I wanted to be and that I could achieve ANYTHING I put my mind to.  Did THEY understand what they were saying on the level of Master Keys?

And then, of course, my mind goes to our son, Gavin.  How could this help him?  How could this be communicated in a way to him that could maybe free him from Autism?

And my mind goes to our other son, Reagan.  This would be GREAT to teach to our 5 year old!  Teach it in the way it is really meant and in the manner that a young child could comprehend.  I think he would get it in a heartbeat.  Or in a Solar Plexus beat.

Regardless, I am excited to get back to reading more of the Master Keys, applying it each day thus creating a HABIT that will change my life from this day forward.   My mind and blueprint are BLOWN.  I am changed.


3 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Blown

  1. Izanna Kutepov

    Isn’t it amazing, Nancy? You have control over your thoughts that help you to achieve anything you want! Have you read the story about Napoleon Hill’s son, Blair? He is writing about him in his “Think and Grow rich” book? And also there another great book i’m reading with my son that explain all there principles in a way that a kid can comprehend. I can share the book with you! Keep up the great work, Nancy!!


    1. mkmmaNancyF

      Hey, Izanna,
      I have adapted what Napoleon Hill did for his son – each day I am sure to tell Gavin how smart and wonderful he is but that he must work harder than most kids – and he does! He works hard all day at school and then comes home and is tutored for 3 hours each day. HE is my hero!!



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